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We bring an entrepreneurial focus to communities to spark and implement innovative solutions.
The enFocus model is designed to create a sustainable ecosystem of innovation and impact. We place Fellows on projects that will have a lasting impact for the sponsor organization. While working on projects, Fellows receive mentorship from enFocus Directors and Board Members, which accelerates Fellow growth and maximizes the return on investment for sponsors.
Sponsor Projects

Fellows are matched with project sponsors to work on paid innovation projects for 70% of their time throughout the year. The innovation project range from implementing new technologies to studying the market feasibility of a new business venture. After the project is complete, employers often look to retain Fellows as full-time employees to continue the cycle of innovation and impact.

Our Services

For 30% of their time, Fellows are given the chance to focus on projects of their choice. We strive to bring an entrpreneurship focus to communities, which is why we give Fellows the freedom to pursue their own projects, whether it be launching a startup or redefining the way a nonprofit serves our community.

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